Raccoon Tombstone

In July 2015 a raccoon passed away on a sidewalk near the intersection of Yonge Street and Church Street, Toronto. A memorial of flowers and photographs was erected by anonymous mourners. When the body was removed, a chalk outline was created. I decided at this point that a proper monument must be created. Having never done it before, I quickly built a mould out of cardboard and lined it with packing tape to allow the concrete to release easily. A leftover bag was acquired, and after sifting out the large stone aggregate, I mixed and poured it into the mould. While it cured, I typed up the text and cut it on my vinyl cutter, creating a stencil. The stencil was applied and with some paint I was able to easily apply the text. (Without the stencil I had no hopes of painting it by hand) All that remained was to install it on-location, and within 24 hours it became a viral sensation, as well as closure for the infamous Toronto raccoon.