Volunteering & Mentorship

I’m always happy to provide my time for engineering and making related volunteer opportunities. If you’d like me to mentor an event, just drop me a line.

Toronto Tool Library: Ever had to use a tool, but only once or twice? Instead of buying it and letting it collect dust in a closet, the Toronto Tool Library gives its members access to thousands of tools, ranging from power drills to sewing machines and even camping equipment. Since March 2017 I’ve been a regular volunteer, doing tool maintenance and repair.

Designapalooza: March 24, 2019. 100 students in grades 5-8 come to U of T to learn how to make alarm circuits, machines to complete obstacle courses, and the classic egg drop. As a group mentor, I was the question-answerer and general design helper.

MakeUofT: February 16-17, 2019. My first multi-day hackathon. The theme was IoT, with teams using a variety of single-board computers to win a variety of challenges. I helped mostly with high-level design strategy and mechanical design problems.

University of Toronto High School Design Competition: Hosted by Hi-Skule, the high school outreach club for engineering at U of T, the competition was on the 25th of November, 2018. I helped mentor a room of students, ranging from grades 9-12, on their designs and presentations that had to tackle the problem of microplastics polluting Lake Ontario. I also judged another room, with five groups each giving a presentation on their solution. During judges deliberation, I was delighted to find that one of the groups from the room I mentored won Best Presentation.

UTRAHacks: November 3rd, 2018. Myhal Centre, University of Toronto. The University of Toronto Robotics Association hosts their first hackathon with the mindset “Design, Build, Inspire.” Teams are free to design and build anything they can in 13 hours. I was a design mentor, consulting with teams on design and fabrication concerns. I also judged the event, and found out during the awards ceremony that one of the groups I mentored won first place.

Last minute soldering.
Judging. This team made a Magic Card sorting machine that used machine vision to create a database out of a stack of cards.
This team made a Rubiks cube solver.